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Tips for Authors

Quod Manet exclusively publishes scholarly books: monographs and essay collections, as well as literary commentaries and critical editions. The press promotes authors who make genuine and innovative contributions within the scientific and humanistic disciplines.

All book proposals will be reviewed by QM’s Advisory Board. If the volume is tentatively approved, the press will create an ad-hoc Editorial Board, especially for your project, who will guide the double-blind process of peer review to be performed by scholars in the appropriate field of study. Please note, though, that if the work passes this last assessment, the Editorial Board may still require additional changes or improvements.

Once the book project receives final approval, QM will work with the author to develop a strategic plan for publication, cover art and production. Typically, the entire process, from the proposal submission to eventual publication, might take a number of months depending on the double-blind peer-review turnaround times. Please plan accordingly.

Upon publication, Quod Manet secures the volume's ISBN and establishes the copyright in the name of the author/editor. One copy is deposited with the Library of Congress of the United States, another is sent to the bibliographical indexing service of the appropriate discipline and the third is uploaded into Google Books.

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