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About us

Quod Manet is a new independent academic press, born from the current crisis in scholarly publishing and run by researchers. In short, we academics are the ones who write the books, provide peer evaluation, edit them and then eventually pen the reviews that appear in journals run by other scholars. Does it make sense to give away our intellectual rights to a publisher who then sells our ideas for prohibitively high prices? Our answer is a firm no.

By removing unnecessary administrative costs and reducing overhead expenses on the editorial side, Quod Manet keeps the cover price of scholarship affordable for libraries and individuals around the globe.

Our mission is to foster high-quality research and to lower barriers to the dissemination of knowledge, especially in areas and languages often overlooked by more traditional publishers. We actively encourage gender parity, social justice, inclusive language and the worldwide accessibility of research.

Get in touch

Journalists and editors of scholarly periodicals who would like to request a review copy, and educators who would like to receive a desk copy, should write to:


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