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Our authors share the fruit of their research to help you understand where to go and what to see. The apps contain maps to guide you and keys to unlock the memories hidden in the places you visit, whether a pagan temple in Rome, the streets where Dante used to hang out, the location where a film was shot or a thousand other things.


It doesn’t matter if other people don’t get

what you’re looking at.

This is the only comprehensive and up-to-date guide to Dante Alighieri’s Florence. Explore the city that nourished him, rejected him, and then spent the last several centuries venerating him as Italy’s greatest poet.


The app’s menus and real-time interactive maps lead you to more than 100 points of interest, each within the city center, and literature professors explain them all with intelligence and a sense of humor.


Discover statues, towers, portraits, palazzi and other places related to Dante and his Divine Comedy. Whether you have just heard of him or have been studying him all your life, you’ll see the poet and his city in a whole new light.

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  Dante’s Florence
Dante’s Florence

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Dante’s Florence
  Dante’s Florence
Dante’s Florence
Dante’s Florence